Statistical excellence in official statistics

About the awards

Government statisticians hold the key to information that enables us to make informed choices: from politicians making policy, to businesses deciding when and where to open their next branch to parents deciding which school to send their children to. The award given in partnership with the UK Statistics Authority, rewards good practice in official statistics, focusing on meeting the needs of the wider user community. We are looking for examples of excellent presentation of official statistics and examples of innovative statistical practices that have improved statistical information for users.


The aim of the award is to recognise outstanding innovations or developments that improve the service to users.
The awards for 2017 recognise work carried out or completed between 1 January 2016 and 31 December 2016.
Nominations for the main award will demonstrate one or more of the following main criteria:

  • An excellent demonstration of gathering information on the requirements of a range of users, and using this information to develop new statistics, shape outputs or influence policy;
  • Excellent or innovative communication of results in a way or ways that are clear, helpful and accessible to a wide array of users;
  • Innovative statistical development including but not restricted to the use of existing administrative data (either public or private) to respond to unmet needs, to replace more expensive processes, or to improve statistical accuracy.
  • Examples of innovative use of data in support of public policy. We would therefore welcome nominations from those involved in public policy development, implementation and monitoring, as well as other users of statistics and the wider public.

Subsidiary criteria: credit will also be given for: value for money or efficiency savings; for work that goes beyond normal expectations or results from outstanding individual effort; or for overcoming obstacles such as political sensitivity, barriers to collaboration or severe timing constraints.

2017 winner

The Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation 2016 (SIMD16), Scottish Government
Alastair McAlpine, Maike Waldmann, Paul Tyrer

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A list of the winners for all four Statistical Excellence Awards, along with full citations from the judges, is available to download (PDF).