Audio recordings and slides

180th anniversary lecture

The Improbability Principle
David Hand (former RSS president) - Slides (PowerPoint)
Chair: John Pullinger (RSS president)

2013 Cathie Marsh Memorial Lecture

What can RCTs bring to social policy evaluation?
Jeremy Hardie (LSE, author, economist and lecturer)
Leon Feinstein (Director of evidence at the Early Intervention Foundation)

2013 Conference

Science, evidence and data in government (President's Invited Lecture)
Sir Mark Walport (FRS FMedSci, chief scientific adviser to HM government) - Slides (PowerPoint)

Young Statisticians's Section

Statistical showcase: exploring careers in statistics
Keynote speaker: John Pullinger (President, Royal Statistical Society)

2013 RSS Presidential Address

Statistics Making an Impact
John Pullinger (RSS President) - Text (PDF)

Other Events

Immigration – an evidence-based debate - The Royal Statistical Society and The Conversation

How politicians lie with data - presented at the Open Data Institute
Hetan Shah (RSS executive director)
QIS webinar: Making sense of Measurement Systems Analysis
Download slides:  Roland Caulcutt | Martin Gibson

2012 Conference

How's Life?
Martine Durand (Director of statistics and chief statistician of the OECD) - Slides (PDF)

Inequality in the UK, its effects, and what we think about it
Kate Pickett (University of York) - Slides (PowerPoint)
Alison Park (Head of society and social change, NatCen) - Slides (PowerPoint)
Chaired by Hetan Shah (RSS executive director)

Risk in business, and the business of risk
David Hand (Imperial College) - Slides (PDF)


Playing with numbers: Do stats help or hinder in sport?
Ben Clissitt  (Head of sport at the Daily Telegraph)
Claire Taylor MBE (England cricket team)
Dr Ian McHale (Sports statistician at Salford University)
Beverley Hale (Lecturer at the Chichester Centre of Applied Sport and Exercise Sciences, Chichester University) 
Chaired by John Pullinger (RSS President and chair of the getstats Board)

RSS 175th anniversary lectures

With the following speakers:
David Hand

Jenny Lannon

John Copas

Peter Armitage

Sheila Bird

Tim Holt