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How does the Journal webinar work?

Journal webinars are held every few months and last about an hour. Journal papers are carefully selected from recent issues of the Royal Statistical Society's journals by editorial board for their importance, relevance and/or use of cutting-edge methodology; and authors are invited to present their work and take questions from an audience who 'dial in' to access the webinar.

Two papers are selected from our journals and authors will be invited to present their papers (20 minutes) followed by discussion (25 minutes) for each paper. Attendees will dial into a teleconference call. Papers and slides will be available to download two weeks in advance or you can log into the conference system and follow the presentation live online. These sessions are open to members and non-members. No need to pre-register. Audio recordings will be available for download shortly after the session.

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Wednesday 6 July, 03:00pm-04.30pm

Estimands: discussion points from the PSI estimands and sensitivity expert group’, published online in Pharmaceutical Statistics.
Presented by: Alan Philipps 
Alan Phillips is vice president biostatistics, ICON Clinical Research, where he directs and manages the global biostatistics resource based in US, Europe and Asia Pacific. With over 25 years of experience in biostatistics, Dr Phillips has extensive knowledge of clinical trials, statistical methodology and world wide statistical regulatory requirements. He has published in areas including adaptive trial designs, regulatory statistical challenges (eg missing data, multiplicity) and statistical principles for clinical trials. In 2012, he was made an Honorary member of PSI in recognition of his scientific contributions to the organisation.

Abstract: The topic of estimands is an important and relatively new one in clinical development. Estimands bridge the gap between study objectives and statistical methods. When defining estimands an iterative process linking trial objectives, estimands, trial design, statistical and sensitivity analysis needs to be established. Clinical trials are multi-faceted and expensive. Subsequently it is unrealistic to restrict a study to a single estimand. The set of estimands for a study will depend on the study objectives, the disease setting and the needs of the various stakeholders.

Analysis of longitudinal data with drop-out: objectives, assumptions and a proposal’. Published in JRSS-C, Vol. 56, Issue 5, November 2007.
Presented by: Peter Diggle
Professor Diggle is the current president of the RSS. His biography is published on the RSS main website.
Professor Diggle will summarise key findings of his paper and show how ‘estimands’ has evolved over the last 10 years

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