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Local Groups and Sections host webinars and face-to-face meetings such as talks, events and social activities to promote particular branches and applications of statistics. Virtual events typically run for 60-90 minutes with speakers and Q&A sessions.

Meeting papers and slides are available on our website at least a week ahead of an event. We encourage you to pre-register for an event, though this will not always be necessary for webinars.

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Future events

Northern Ireland Local Group webinars

Wednesday 15th March 2017, 1pm-2pm (GMT)
Speaker:  Dr Jainjun Tang (Queen's University Belfast)

Structual Equation Modelling

Abstract: Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) is a statistical modelling technique that measures latent variables, i.e. those constructs that are known to exist but cannot be directly observed, and their relationships with observed variables within an integrated framework. It was first applied in psychological studies but has been extended to a wide range of fields including economics, behavioural sciences and public health. During the seminar the basic principles of SEM will be introduced, followed by two examples illustrating its applications in the area of public health.

Past events

Webcasts, MP3s and slides from past events are available to download.