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Local Groups and Sections host webinars and face-to-face meetings such as talks, events and social activities to promote particular branches and applications of statistics. Virtual events typically run for 60-90 minutes with speakers and Q&A sessions.

Meeting papers and slides are available on our website at least a week ahead of an event. We encourage you to pre-register for an event, though this will not always be necessary for webinars.

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Future events

Merseyside local group
11 October, 2pm
Predictions within Sport

14.00-14.45 Kevin Brosnan (University of Limerick)

False Starts Disqualifications in Elite Athletics: Are the rules fair?

Are we sure that when an athlete is disqualified for a false start, in an Olympic 100 m event say,  that they have actually false started? More importantly are we sure that an athlete that is not disqualified hasn't false started? This research focuses on using statistical modelling and false start data collated from World and European athletics championships in an effort to provide accurate false start rules. This presentation will discuss the statistical research to date, some interest findings and examples from the 2016 Rio Olympics and details of what's next for fair play in elite athletics.

14.45-15.00  Break

15.00-16.00 Dr Sean Williams (University of Bath)

Tackling safety issues in professional Rugby Union: Can we reduce the risk of injury?

Since becoming a professional sport in 1995, Rugby Union has come under increasing scrutiny due to its perceived high risk of injury in comparison with other popular team sports. There are clear health, performance, financial, and legal arguments for prioritising the prevention of injuries in professional sports. The England Professional Rugby Injury Surveillance Project (PRISP) was first commissioned by the Rugby Football Union and Premier Rugby Limited in 2002, to conduct injury surveillance across all Premiership and England teams. The PRISP is now conducted annually, and is the world’s largest study of professional Rugby Union injuries and training practices. These longitudinal data, detailing players’ injury history and playing exposure using consistent methodology, provide an excellent platform for investigating risk factors for injury in this population. This talk will discuss our current understanding of injury risk in professional Rugby Union, as well as potential avenues for reducing the level of risk in the game.


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Past events

Webcasts, MP3s and slides from past events are available to download.