South West Local Group


A warm welcome to the South West Local Group! We look forward to welcoming you to our meetings, which provide an opportunity for statisticians and non-statisticians from Plymouth, Exeter and the wider South West area to meet and discuss statistical methods and their applications.

Our meetings take place in Plymouth or Exeter and are often organised jointly with the Exeter Initiative for Statistics and its Applications. All of our events are free, are open both to members of the RSS and to non-members and are often held on a Wednesday afternoon. Tea and coffee are usually served after the talks.


Chair: Julian Stander (Plymouth University)
Secretary: Luciana Dalla Valle (Plymouth University)
Treasurer: Julian Stander (Plymouth University)

Committee Members

Steve Brooks (Professor of Statistics)
Alessandro Cardinali (Lecturer in Statistics)
Neville Davies (Professor, Plymouth Institute of Education)
Paul Hewson (Senior Lecturer in Statistics)
Irene Kaimi (Lecturer in Statistics)
Rana Moyeed (Senior Lecturer in Statistics)
Ana Paula Palacios (Lecturer in Statistics)
Yinghui Wei (Lecturer in Statistics)
Malgorzata Wojtys (Lecturer in Statistics)

Recent meetings

Fabrizio Leisen (University of Kent): “Adaptive Sticky Generalized Metropolis” Thursday 8th May, 2014
Mario Cortina Borja (UCL Institute of Child Health): “Copula-based Multivariate Regression Models with gamlss Marginals” Wednesday 7th May, 2014
Isabel Molina Peralta (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid): “A review of poverty mapping procedures” Wednesday 9th April, 2014
Our webpage lists all previous meetings.