Environmental Statistics Section


The Environmental Statistics Section was originally formed as a Study Group in 1996 under the auspices of the General Applications Section, but now has full Section status. The committee has been organising meetings on a wide variety of topics of interest to statisticians and other environmental scientists. Our objectives include acting as a national focus for statisticians involved in environmental work. The Section also provides a cadre of experts on whom the Society can call for professional advice.

As well as organising meetings, the Section maintains the ENVSTAT mailing list. This provides a forum for announcements and discussion on topics relating to environmental statistics. The ENVSTAT home page also contains an archive of material relating to previous meetings organised by the Environmental Statistics Section.


The aims and objectives of the Section are:

  • Act as a national focus for statisticians involved in environmental work.
  • To contribute to statistical thinking to understand current environmental issues.
  • To foster interaction between the statistics and environmental science communities, with a view to identifying key statistical challenges and promoting the uptake of modern statistical methods throughout the environmental sciences.
  • To organise meetings in London and elsewhere.
  • To maintain the ENVSTAT mailing list.


Chair:  Alison Johnston (Cornell University and Cambridge University)
Vice Chair: Richard Wilkinson (University of Sheffield)
Secretary: Adam Butler (BIOSS)
Meetings Secretary: Michael Spence (University of Sheffield)

Committee members

Duncan Lee (University of Glasgow)
Daniel Williamson (University of Exeter)
Sarah Heaps (University of Newcastle)
Phil Sansom (University of Exeter)
Peter Henrys (CEH)
Theo Economou (University of Exeter)

Future meetings

View our events calendar: statslife.org.uk/environmental-statistics-section

News and meeting reports

View news about the section and reports from our meetings

Additional information

Mailing list: ENVSTAT
Website: rss-environmental.github.io