General Applications Section


The General Applications Section (GAS) is concerned with the exposition, study, informal debate and discussion of statistical subjects across a wide range of fields of application with a view to making statistical developments accessible to a broad general audience. GAS covers diverse, niche, and emerging application domains, and often demonstrates the applicability and value of new methodological enhancements in the context of such applications. We aspire to generate the Study Groups and Sections of the future (a successful example of this is with the creation of the Environmental Statistics Section). The GAS Committee includes representation from across Academia and Industry. We welcome collaboration and interaction with other Sections, Study Groups, Local Groups, and RSS members.


Chair: Marta Blangiardo
Secretary: Mark Briers

Committee Members

Isabelle Bray
Valentina Cambiano
Gabriela Czanner
Peter Dutey-Magni
Richard Everitt
Sara Geneletti
Pia Hardelid
Katie Harron
Deirdre Toher
Veronica Vinciotti

Future meetings

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Past meetings

11 February 2016 Recent methodological developments in capture-recapture
9 February 2016 "Nature does play dice!" - Randomisation without an experiment
27 March 2015 Bayesian models for health economics evaluation
2 December 2014: Classification methods and applications in big databases
10 June 2014, University of Liverpool Supervised Classification: Gabriela Czanner (University of Liverpool), David Hand (Imperial College), Marta Garcia-Finana (University of Liverpool), Christian Hennig (UCL)
22 May 2014, Errol Street Statistical Inference of Networks: Patrick Wolfe (UCL), Ginestra Bianconi (Queen Mary University of London), Dirk Husmeier (University of Glasgow), Ernst Wit (University of Groningen)
28 March 2014, Errol Street The Application and Analysis of Omics Data in Complex Disease Research: Tim Spector (King’s College London), Oliver Stegle (EMBL – European Bioinformatics Institute), So-Youn Shin (University of Bristol)

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