History of Statistics Study Group


The History of Statistics Study Group was formed in September 2010. The principal aims of the group are to

  • bring together the various groups and individuals who have an active interest in the history of statistics
  • hold a minimum of one annual one-day event on a topic on the history of statistics and to publish the proceedings. To hold any shorter meetings which may be considered appropriate
  • contribute as appropriate to the programme of the annual RSS Conference


Chair: Eileen Magnello
Secretary: Lisa Bud-Frierman
Meetings secretary: James Kneale
Social Media Secretary: Cecilia Lanata Briones
Resource Manager: Mingli Chen

Committee Members

John Aldrich
John Bibby
Mark Casson
Romola Davenport
Mike Hughes
Alison Macfarlane
Sam Randalls
Alice Reid

Future meetings


at the Centre for Institutions and Economic History in association with the History Group of the Royal Statistical Society

Date: Friday 4 November 2016 Time: 9:30 – 18.00
Place: Room 101, Henley Business School, Whiteknights Campus, University of Reading, Reading RG6 6UD
Venue:  https://www.henley.ac.uk/about-us/how-to-find-us/#whiteknights

Register for free with: Lisa Bud-Frierman (CIEH Associate) lisa.budfrierman@gmail.com, Co-organisers: Eileen Magnello (UCL), James Kneale (UCL) & Sam Randalls (UCL)

Click here for full programme

Past meetings

  • The impact of Statisticians, Actuaries and Economists during the Second World War (21 April 2016)
  • half-day meeting on Rothamsted and Agricultural Statistics (June 2015 at Rothamsted)
  • A joint meeting on “The tercentenary of Ars Conjectandi” with the British Society for the History of Mathematics (26 April 2013)
  • A joint meeting on the “History of Business and Economic Forecasting” with The Centre for Economic History, Reading University (22 March 2013)
  • “Ronald A Fisher” (to commemorate the 50th anniversary of his death) (7 June 2012)