History of Statistics Section


The History of Statistics Study Group was formed in September 2010. The principal aims of the group are to

  • bring together the various groups and individuals who have an active interest in the history of statistics
  • hold a minimum of one annual one-day event on a topic on the history of statistics and to publish the proceedings. To hold any shorter meetings which may be considered appropriate
  • contribute as appropriate to the programme of the annual RSS Conference


Chair: Eileen Magnello
Secretary: Cecilia Lanata Briones

Committee Members

John Aldrich
Lisa Bud-Frierman
Mark Casson
Mingli Chen
Eleni Frangou
Lawrence Goldman
Mike Hughes
James Kneale
Alison Macfarlane
Sam Randalls
Peter Smith

Future meetings

View our events calendar statslife.org.uk/calendar

Additional information

Twitter: @HistoryofStats
Facebook: History of Stats
Mailing list: History of Statistics