Primary Health Care Special Interest Group


The Primary Health Care Study Group, focussing on statistical methodology in this area, was created in July 2002 as a sub-group of the Medical Section. This took place against a background of increasing research interest in the primary health care sector. 
The sub-group's terms of reference were renewed in 2005, 2008, 2011 and 2013 when it was given the status of a special interest group.


  • bring together statisticians from a wide range of backgrounds who are working or have an interest in the field of primary care;
  • provide a forum for presenting and discussing statistical work currently taking place in primary care;
  • provide a forum for discussion of some of the methodological challenges in this area which will draw on the expertise of other statisticians and researchers with relevant experience and knowledge;
  • encourage other statisticians to get involved in this area by raising the profile of statistics in primary care, and offer particular support to those beginning to work in this area for the first time


Chair: Gill Lancaster (University of Lancaster)
Secretary: Maurice Marchant (retired public health specialist)

Committee Members

Salma Ayis, Kings College London
Amanda Farrin, Leeds University
Timothy Pickles, Cardiff University
Rafael Perera, Oxford University
David Reeves, Manchester University
Rebecca Case, Keele University
Mark Hann, Manchester University 
Carolynn Gildea, Public Health England (East Midlands)

Past  meetings

2 February 2015: Out of Practice: Challenges in community pharmacy research

15 May 2014: Beyond the two-arm randomised controlled trial: Non-standard trial designs
Joint meeting with the Young Statisticians Section, Leeds
Details of other meetings (reports and presentations) are available on the archive site.

News and meeting reports

Read news about the section and reports from our meetings.

Additional Information

Mailing list: the PRIMSTAT@JISCMAIL.AC.UK is used but is not exclusively for the Group