We have formed Sections to promote particular branches and applications of statistics. They each hold a number of meetings a year, usually based around a presented paper or talk.

The sections and their principal interests are:

Applied Probability

Fostering research in applied probability, bringing together a community of researchers in applied probability within the RSS and supporting the outreach of applied probability research into both statistical science and wider application areas, both established and novel

Business and Industrial

Statistical methods in industry and commerce

Data Science

Representing the professional interests of data scientists in the UK

Environmental Statistics

Application of statistics to environmental issues

General Applications

Exposition, study, informal debate and discussion of statistical subjects

International Development

Taking forward RSS work relating to international development


Statistical problems arising in all branches of medicine

Official Statistics

Government and national statistics

Quality Improvement

Contribution of statistical methods to quality improvement and good management


The theory of statistics, the development and application of statistical methods

Social Statistics

Social applications of statistics with a particular emphasis on survey methodology

Statistical Computing

The interface, including computational aspects of statistical methods and developments in software

Statistics and Law

Enabling the Society to make informed and, hopefully, influential contributions to the administration of justice.

Statistics in Sport

Fostering research in statistics in sports, defined as modelling and analysis inspired by, or applied to, a problem in sport; bringing together a community of researchers interested in statistics in sport; supporting the communication of statistical research into the wider community

Young Statisticians

For students and those in the first 10 years of their career

Special Interest and Study Groups

Our Special Interest and Study Groups investigate new areas of statistical development or application. Currently, there are two groups:

History of Statistics

Primary Healthcare