Research Section


All members of the Royal Statistical Society are automatically members of the Research Section. The committee of the Research Section of the Royal Statistical Society handles papers submitted to the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series B as discussion papers.

This means that if and once the Research Section accepts a paper, an Ordinary Meeting is held in which the paper is presented and discussed. It is then published in the Journal together with discussion contributions from others. A list of previous read paper is available here.

To be accepted as a discussion paper, a manuscript should not only meet the standard of the Journal but also have the potential to generate an interesting discussion.

The procedure to submit a potential discussion paper is the same as for ordinary submissions to JRSSB, except authors must choose "Paper for Reading - Series B" in the "type" field. Authors should be aware that manuscripts submitted for reading receive more scrutiny: they are usually screened by at least five members of the research section, which may decide to either reject the paper or send it to several (4-6 generally) expert referees for a finer assessment. As a result, the reviewing process takes more time than for ordinary submissions.

Papers can be submitted online via ScholarOne Manuscripts.


The theory of statistics, the development and application of statistical methods


Chair: Prof. Chenlei Leng (University of Warwick)
Secretary: Prof. Nicolas Chopin (ENSAE, Paris)
Meeting Secretary: Dr. Axel Gandy (Imperial College London)
AE for Read Papers: Prof. Arnaud Doucet (Oxford University)

Committe Members

Prof. Peter Bühlmann
Prof. Paul Garthwaite
Prof. Robin Henderson
Prof. Ruth King
Prof. David Leslie
Dr. Finn Lindgren 
Prof. Jonathan Rougier 
Dr. Rajen Shah 
Prof. Jonathan Tawn

Ex officio
Prof. David Dunson (JRSSB Joint Editor)
Prof. Piotr Fryzlewicz (JRSSB Joint Editor)
(Council representative)
Prof. Cathal Walsh (Honorary Officer)
Dr. Jen Rogers

Future meetings

Causal inference using invariant prediction: identification and confidence intervals
Date:11 May 2016
Time: 5.00pm
Speakers: Peters, Jonas; Bühlmann, Peter; Meinshausen, Nicolai.

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Past meetings

9 December 2015, Errol Street
Of quantiles and expectiles: consistent scoring functions, Choquet representations and forecast rankings
Speakers: Werner Ehm, Tilmann Gneiting, Alexander Jordan and Fabian Krüger
This meeting was preceded by the AGM

News and meeting reports

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