Statistical Computing Section


The section is interested in all aspects of the use of computers and computing in modern statistical analysis. Computational issues are an essential part of modern statistics, data analysis and data mining. Competent statisticians and practitioners must not just understand the principles on which statistical methods work but also be able to implement them on computers in ways that are transparent, require minimal user intervention and scale well with large data sets. The section is also interested in the fundamental design of software and systems for statistical computing.


  • Act as national focus for statisticians involved in theoretical and practical issues of computational statistics.
  • To foster interaction between the statistical and other related communities, e.g. information engineering, computer science.
  • Promote dissemination in other data-intensive scientific communities.
  • Organise meetings for the promotion and dissemination of computational statistics research and developments.
  • Promoting quality and standards in the design and development of computing systems that support the work of statisticians, both systems and packages for statistical analysis and systems and packages for the processing and documentation of statistical data.


Chair: Giovanni Montana
Vice chair: Mark Girolami
Secretary: Trevor Ringrose
Meetings Secretary:Paul Taylor

Committee members

Elisa Allen
Ben Calderhead
Colin Gillespie
Robert Grant
Rebecca Killick
Theo Kypraios
Neil Spencer
Christopher Yau

Future meetings

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