Statistic of the Year 

We have launched a new initiative for the most striking statistics of 2017.

The deadline for nominations has now passed. We will be announcing the winning statistic in mid-December.

We have a judging panel (chaired by our president, Professor Sir David Spiegelhalter) of journalists, statisticians, economists and pollsters to decide on the winning statistic, which will be unveiled in December.


  • Your nominated statistic does not necessarily need to have been produced within 2017 but it does need to have become relevant in that time
  • It should ideally have a public interest dimension to it
  • The statistic does not need to have had an established media profile – it could be a number that is newsworthy but, in your view, has not previously received the attention it deserves
  • The statistic should be accurate, coherent and not misleading 
  • It should ideally provide a new and interesting insight into a specific issue
  • Examples could include:
    • A statistic that debunks a popular myth
    • A statistic relevant to a phenomenon/craze this year.

Guidance for nominating 

  • We ask all those nominating to declare any interests in their chosen statistic 
  • You should state the statistic’s source on your nomination form – for example, the UK’s Office for National Statistics
  • The word limit for your chosen statistic is 100 words
  • We ask all nominees to write a brief supporting statement for their chosen statistic of no more than 200 words; this should state how the statistic is relevant to the criteria stated above.

Follow the hashtag #StatoftheYear on Twitter for updates.