Statistic of the Year 

The Royal Statistical Society is seeking nominations for its new and exciting initiative looking for the most striking statistic of 2017. Much like Oxford English Dictionary’s ‘Word of the Year’ competition, we’re on the look-out for statistics that you think really capture the year so far. All you need to do is fill out a simple nomination form

We have a judging panel (chaired by our president, Professor Sir David Spiegelhalter) of journalists, statisticians, economists and pollsters to decide on the winning statistic, which will be unveiled in December.


  • Your nominated statistic does not necessarily need to have been produced within 2017 but it does need to have become relevant in that time
  • It should ideally have a public interest dimension to it
  • The statistic does not need to have had an established media profile – it could be a number that is newsworthy but, in your view, has not previously received the attention it deserves
  • The statistic should be accurate, coherent and not misleading 
  • It should ideally provide a new and interesting insight into a specific issue
  • Examples could include:
    • A statistic that debunks a popular myth
    • A statistic relevant to a phenomenon/craze this year.

Guidance for nominating 

  • We ask all those nominating to declare any interests in their chosen statistic 
  • You should state the statistic’s source on your nomination form – for example, the UK’s Office for National Statistics
  • The word limit for your chosen statistic is 100 words
  • We ask all nominees to write a brief supporting statement for their chosen statistic of no more than 200 words; this should state how the statistic is relevant to the criteria stated above.

Download the nomination form here

The deadline for nominations is 23rd November 2017

All nomination forms should be sent to

Follow the hashtag #StatoftheYear on Twitter for updates.