Supporting teaching

We believe that all school leavers should be able to use and interpret data effectively to make evidence-informed choices and decisions. In addition to our policy activities, we support a range of education projects and activities, including:

  • Our e-Teacher membership programme
  • The RSS William Guy Lecturer
  • Global Learning Programme for schools
  • Mathematics teacher training scholarships

e-Teacher membership

This is a free online membership for teachers in schools and further education colleges, anywhere in the world.

We’ve created this type of membership because we recognise that teachers play an essential role in influencing and delivering statistical education. By becoming an e-Teacher member, you can help us improve statistical literacy, support statistical education policy and practice, and encourage students to enter statistical careers. Find out more and join today.

William Guy Lecturer

The RSS William Guy Lecturer is a prestigious volunteer role, and is intended to recognise Fellows with a successful track record in undertaking school outreach activities. The RSS William Guy Lecturer is given support by the RSS to deliver lectures to school students in the UK

Find out more about the current lecturer and how to book on our RSS William Guy Lecture page.

Global Learning Programme

Through free curriculum support, resources, training and funding, the Global Learning Programme (GLP) is helping schools deepen pupils’ understanding of global issues, while at the same time developing key skills and reinforcing learning across a wide range of subjects. We are working with the GLP England to develop a range of material and training that focuses on global learning at Key Stages 2 and 3.

More information, including how to get your school involved, is available on our Global Learning Programme for schools page.

Maths teacher training scholarships

Our policy work highlights the need to ensure that there are sufficient highly-skilled mathematics teachers to build mathematical and statistical skills in society.

We support the Mathematics Teacher Training Scholarship programme, which identifies and rewards trainee teachers to help them make a significant contribution to the development of maths teaching in the schools where they train and work. Scholars receive a £22,000 tax-free bursary to train as a secondary mathematics teacher followed by two later payments of at least £5,000 in the third and fifth year of teaching, if teaching in a state-funded school in England since completing the ITT. These payments are provided by the Department for Education. A range of membership benefits and exclusive support for both the training and newly qualified teacher (NQT) year are provided by organisations across the mathematical sciences community, including the Royal Statistical Society, the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, the London Mathematical Society, the MEI, the Mathematical Association and the National STEM Centre.

To find out more about the scheme, including how to apply, visit the Mathematics Teacher Training Scholarship website.

Resources for Fellows and for teachers

If you’re a Fellow, find out how to support our education work. Help improve students’ statistical skills and confidence by working with teachers in schools.

We also provide resources to help you promote statistical careers to young people. Help students to understand the value, excitement and interest in careers involving data and statistics.

Ideas and resources for teachers are listed on Statslife.