International Development

The Society has an International Development Working Group (IDWG) which was formed in 2013 to consider how we can support statistics and statisticians in poorer countries. The IDWG promotes debate and discussion, engages in advocacy, and is also considering where it can support capacity building initiatives.

We promote capacity building for statistics within poorer countries through working with other partners including PARIS21, the Department for International Development, and a range of non-governmental organisations. This blog by the RSS Executive Director gives an indication of our position.

The RSS marked World Statistics Day on 20 October 2015 with training  and events, and issued a statement with the International Statistical Institute (ISI) and the American Statistical Association (ASA), to which more than 40 other organisations have signed up. It calls for 'a true data revolution' in order to properly be able to measure progress against the UN's ambitious new SDGs. statement 

In 2014 we supported the report to the UN Secretary General A World that Counts on the idea of a ‘data revolution’ for development through holding a high level roundtable event for the report author to comment on a near final version of the report.

The IDWG is also considering ways in which it can support the discipline of statistics in poorer countries.