Parliament Counts for the General Election 2015

We offered statistics training to all MPs taking a seat in the House of Commons following the 2015 General Election on 7 May.

Our campaign called on RSS members and supporters to get in touch with parliamentary candidates in their area during the election campaign, asking them to agree to attend the training sessions if elected.

A total of 2,745 messages were sent to candidates around the country, covering hundreds of constituencies from St Ives in Cornwall to the Orkney Islands. 324 candidates across the political spectrum signed up to the campaign, of which 55 were successfully elected on 7 May.

The campaign gained national press interest in the Financial Times and the Guardian. It was also the subject of hundreds of tweets using the hashtag #ParliamentCounts.

We have now held two successful training workshops with the MPs who signed up to the campaign. The first was held on World Statistics Day in October, and the second in January, and were attended by MPs from across the political spectrum.

See a full list of the 55 MPs who gave their support to the Parliament Counts campaign

The workshops covered how parliamentarians can use statistics effectively in their day to day role. We also held a workshop for MPs staff to help them with common problems they may have in their parliamentary work.