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6 December 2017
The Guardian: Letter to the Editor: RPI no longer fit for deciding rail fare rises

29 November 2017
The New Statesman: Slaying the Five Giants: the 75th anniversary of the Beveridge Report

The Register: Why the new data ethics centre needs clout

UK Authority: UK to get national advisory body for data and AI

23 November 2017
Civil Service World: Department for Education ‘risks losing trust’ with another stats breach

Schools Week: DfE reprimanded by UK Statistics Authority

17 November 2017
Civil Service World: Hetan Shah: why the election showed purdah rules need to be reformed

15 November 2017
The Telegraph: Letter to the Editor: Taken for a ride by the Government’s inflation fix (paywall)

31 October 2017
The Register: Health quango: Booze 'evidence' not Puritan enough

20 October 2017
The Law Society Gazette: Lies and statistics: advocates get help with statistical evidence

BBC Radio 4 The Today Programme: Puzzle for Today

17 October 2017
The Guardian: Maths graduates wanted

11 October 2017
Financial Times: Inflation isn’t what it used to be — and we’re poorer for it (paywall)

5 October 2017
Prospect Magazine: The future will be data-driven (paywall)

4 October 2017
The Washington Post: Americans who live closer to a mass shooting are more likely to support gun regulation

30 September 2017
BBC News Online: A halt to the spin cycle

29 September 2017
City AM: Editor’s Notes

26 September 2017
City AM: How to end politicians’ misuse of statistics and restore faith in data

25 September 2017
PHYS.ORG: Just what is our problem with numbers? An interview with Dr Jennifer Rogers

Evening Express: System ‘undermines public trust’ in statistics, MSPs told

19 September 2017
The Times: How Boris got his numbers wrong (paywall)

Financial Times: Academics urge universities’ pension fund to explain shortfall (paywall)

18 September 2017
BuzzFeed: Four Days Until Theresa May's Brexit Speech And It's All Going Really Well

Financial Times: Boris Johnson’s Brexit claim displease UK statistics watchdog (paywall)

17 September 2017
Independent: Christmas is a popular search term - and it's only September

The Guardian: Row grows over Boris Johnson £350m post-Brexit claim

The Telegraph: Boris Johnson accuses statistics regulator of 'wilfully distorting' his words  (paywall)

14 September 2017
The Guardian: Statistical vigilantes: the war on scientific fraud – Science Weekly podcast

8 September 2017
City AM: Hetan Shah: Time for an updated inflation index

4 September 2017
The Scottish Herald: Expert warns over dumping information on patients

3 September 2017
The Mail on Sunday: Expert demands urgent probe into NHS 'avoidable' fatalities

31 August 2017
City AM: Statistics boss slam Home Office migration data leaks

The Guardian: UK Statistics Authority Chair criticises Home Office migration statistics leak

29 August 2017
Civil Service World: Hetan Shah: Lessons for Whitehall from the migration statistics fiasco

24 August 2017
The Economist: A letter to the Editor from Tony Cox, Chair of the RPI/CPI User Group (paywall)

20 August 2017
The Telegraph: Thousands of students set to receive wrong grades, experts warn (paywall)

12 August 2017
The Sunday Telegraph: Letters: knowing the price (paywall)

10 August 2017
Time Higher Education: Student activism has shown its power (paywall)

20 July 2017
FE News: £16 million drive to boost maths skills

19 July 2017
Nature: The DeepMind debacle demands dialogue on data

5 July 2017
BuzzFeed: Report Finds DeepMind Didn't Break The Law Over NHS Data

4 July 2017
The Times: Hospital gave records to Google for medical trial (paywall)

The Scottish Sun: Common heartburn drugs taken by millions ‘increase the risk of early death by HALF

1 July 2017
The Times: Academics unite against bad science (paywall)

The Business Times: Mad about maths (paywall)

30 June 2017
The Times: Many scientific papers contain inflated claims says David Spiegelhalter (paywall)

29 June 2017
Research Fortnight: Minister backs report recommendation for data ethics body

The Conversation: In a victory against spin, ministers lose pre-release access to statistics

28 June 2017
The Guardian: 'Exaggerations' threaten trust in science, says David Spiegelhalter

21 June 2017
Independent: Statistician ridicules study aligning month you were born with diseases you are likely to catch

16 June 2017
Civil Service World: Departments hit with ban on pre-release access to ONS data

Research Fortnight: Government loses pre-release access to ONS statistics (paywall)

15 June 2017
Financial Times: UK ministers lose early access to ONS statistics (paywall)

Independent: Office for National Statistics ends 'pre-release' of data to government

Wall Street Journal: End of U.K. Government’s Controversial Early Peeks at Economic Stats (paywall)

City AM: Government statisticians stop early access to data

The New York Times: UK Stats Chief Stops Economic Data Preview of Stats for Officials

Daily Mail: Ministers and bureaucrats banned from previewing economic data

30 May 2017
City AM: Royal Statistical Society boss: End the undemocratic 'pre-release access' to stats to stop market abuse

The Telegraph: Dead voters given chance to cast ballots in election, prompting fears of mass fraud (paywall)

24 May 2017
The BMJ: Sixty seconds on . . . purdah (paywall)

18 May 2017
The Times: Science chiefs complain about general election purdah (paywall)

Independent: Scientists accuse government of misapplying election purdah rule

17 May 2017
City AM: A letter from Hetan Shah on why we need to end pre-release access to statistics 

15 May 2017
Professional Pensions: Royal Statistical Society calls for indexation overhaul with new measure

9 May 2017
Public Technology: Parties urged to make manifesto commitment to end ministers' early access to statistics

8 May 2017
The Times: Letter to The Times with 114 signatories on the need to end pre-release access to official statistics (paywall)
StatsLife story and letter in full

The Times: Calls to ban ministers from seeing official figures early (paywall)

The Guardian: Facebook to take steps against fake news during election

3 May 2017
Research Fortnight: Academics can provide weapons for the fight against fake news

24 April 2017
Evening Standard: Shed light on gig economy

13 April 2017
The Telegraph: How to beat the burglars

23 March 2017
The Times: Letter to the Editor from Hetan Shah on inflation indices

20 March 2017
Wonkhe: Here to stay: the politics behind TEF wonkery

16 March 2017
Research Fortnight: Trust deficit could hinder efforts to use data for good

15 March 2017
Public Technology: Government under pressure to restrict pre-release access to statistics

13 March 2017
Wall Street Journal: New data suggests early release of government figures in the UK (paywall)

8 February 2017
BBC World Service: A tribute to Professor Hans Rosling 

10 February 2017
Public Technology: Expert reaction: Government Transformation strategy shows promise

7 February 2017
BBC News: Unexpected mental health deaths up 50%

23 January 2017
Research Fortnight: Former civil servant to lead UK Statistics Authority (paywall)

22 January 2017
The Independent: Why economists need to take conspiracy theories more seriously

15 January 2017
The Independent: How to spot health scare stories

5 January 2017
BBC News Online: UK dementia experts accept busy road study but say other risk factors need consideration

20 December 2016
Guardian: The Royal Statistical Society Christmas Quiz

16 December 2016
Research Fortnight: Statisticians aim to fill gaps in data science sections (paywall)

8 December 2016
The Telegraph: There could be 3000 dead people voting in UK elections

6 December 2016
The Guardian: Work to be done still on the Higher Education and Research Bill

25 November 2016
Public Technology: Calls for a rethink on government data sharing proposals

15 November 2016
The Guardian: Move to new UK inflation measure sparks debate

5 November 2016
GQ: Alastair Campbell on the Daily Mail

30 October 2016
BBC News: When's best to do your Christmas shopping

25 October 2016
BBC News: Dealing with uncertainty

20 October 2016
PHYS.ORG: Sir David Cox awarded International Prize in Statistics

19 October 2016
The Guardian: Letter to the Editor from Hetan Shah on personal data

18 October 2016
Public Technology: Director of ONS new Data Science Campus appointed

14 October 2016
The Wall Street Journal: Predictive policing systems and biased data (paywall)

13 October 2016
Research Fortnight: Researchers must be translators and champions of evidence says Professor Anne Glover at RSS conference

12 October 2016
Public Technology: Calls for more detail on government data-sharing

11 October 2016
Civil Service World: Paul Maltby is to leave the GDS

2 October 2016
The Sunday Times: Are holidays in term-time a risk to grades? (paywall)

22 September 2016
Prospect Magazine: Building a new social norm for health data

11 September 2016
BBC Radio 4: The Online Identity Crisis

7 September 2016
Phys Org: Should we sample time series more frequently?

17 August 2016
The Telegraph: Former RSS vice president, Jill Leyland to join ONS economics experts group (paywall)
City AM: Jill Leyland joining ONS experts working group

17 July 2016
The Observer: David Spiegelhalter's guide to spotting a dodgy statistic

8 July 2016
Civil Service World: DfT wins statistical excellence award for work on road safety

7 July 2016
Civil Service World: Digital Economy Bill makes it easier for public bodies to share data

6 July 2016
Public Technology: Digital Economy Bill will result in greater public data sharing

17 June 2016
The Guardian: Ipso and the Congleton Chronicle

16 June 2016
The Times: How to select a neutral cricket umpires (paywall)

15 June 2016
New Scientist: How bad science can put you behind bars

30 May 2016
The Times: Anti-drink lobby involved in official safety limits (paywall)

24 May 2016
The Times: Fire station closures have led to slow response times (paywall)

23 May 2016
HESA: How do we maintain public trust in data innovation? (blog post by Hetan Shah)

13 May 2016
Schools Week: Nicky Morgan makes stats blunder

11 May 2016
Research Fortnight: Data ethics council should be fully independentt (paywall)

29 April 2016
The Herald: Elections: Manifestos and statistics

26 April 2016
BBC: What are your chances of being called for jury service?

25 April 2016
The Guardian: Irish Times goes into partnership with The Detail

24 April 2016
The Observer: Are you smarter than your MP?

19 April 2016
BBC: Is there a London 2012 Olympics 'cursed'?

14 April 2016
The Financial Times: The poisoning of statistics by politicians (paywall)

7 April 2016
The Guardian: It doesn't add up to leave women out of development statistics

5 April 2016
The Times: Twitter data could replace census form (paywall)
The Telegraph: Office for National Statistics could use Twitter and Zoopla for census data (paywall)

3 April 2016
The Wall Street Journal: A study finds that the English do not know of the link between alcohol and cancer
The Financial Times: ONS to use Twitter and Zoopla for census data (paywall)

30 March 2016
Statistics Views: An interview with Royal Statistical Society President Peter Diggle

25 March 2016
BBC Radio 5 live: Why did people only win £15 with five lotto numbers?

11 March 2016
Our Director of Policy & Public Affairs, Roeland Beerten gave an interview to the BBC News Channel on the Bean Review of economic statistics.

9 March 2016
The Financial Times: UK’s senior statistician pushes out-of-favour measure of inflation (paywall)

29 February 2016
City AM: Royal Statistical Society - The Treasury should not take control of UK statistics

Guardian: Rubbish official statistics are jeopardising policy making 

Guardian: Responsibility for official statistics should not move to the Treasury (letter from Chair of National Statistics Advisory Group, Mike Hughes)

Independent: The Government should take control of ONS says MPs

25 February 2016
Independent: France Drug Trial Inquiry into fatal test comes under attack over shocking secrecy

2 February 2016
In Pharma: Statistical reservations surround Bial's fatal clinical trial

The Telegraph: Think about cancer before you drink wine, says chief medical officer (paywall)

22 January 2016
Nature: The design of fatal French clinical trial is questioned by researchers (paywall)

20 January 2016
The Daily Mail: Researchers say new alcohol guidelines ignore the benefits of alcohol

19 January 2016 
The Sun: Health bosses ‘twisted booze figures’ to get support for new guidelines

10 January 2016
BBC: National Lottery: Two winners to share record £66m prize

8 January 2016
The Guardian: Open data in 2016 to reshape charity and activism

BBC:How did this Lotto rollover happen?

7 January 2016
Metro: Changes in chances of winning lottery jackpot have changed