Our main category of membership – fellowship – is open to all who have an interest in statistics and data analysis. Formal qualifications are not necessary and you don’t need to live in the UK (around a quarter of our nearly 8,000 members live overseas). Wherever you work or live, by joining our active community, you’ll be helping us promote the role that statistics and data analysis play in society. 


The standard annual subscription rate for fellows is £135 or £125 with a Direct Debit discount. 

Membership year

Fellow membership runs from January to December, but joining is open throughout the year. 

If you join before the end of August: we will send you any issues of Significance magazine you have missed since the start of the year, and your membership will be due for renewal the following January.

If you join from September onwards: you will pay the following year’s subscription rate, and membership will run right through to the end of the following year. Receipt of Significance will start from the next published issue.

How to join

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