e-Teacher membership

This is a free online membership for teachers in schools and further education colleges, anywhere in the world.

We’ve created this type of membership because we recognise that teachers play an essential role in influencing and delivering statistical education. By becoming an e-Teacher member, you can help us improve statistical literacy, support statistical education policy and practice, and encourage students to enter statistical careers.This level of membership is for all school teachers, including further and special education, trainee teachers and home school leaders. You are also eligible if tutoring students under 19 years of age is your primary occupation, or if you are a member of teaching staff of ITE (Initial Teacher Education) Centres in the UK and Ireland. Membership is valid as long as these criteria are applicable.

You will have access to all the membership benefits described under ‘Having a voice’, ‘Sharing best practice’ and ‘Professional development’ except we can only offer you discounts on selected events and meetings. You will also enjoy priority access to our resources for teachers, including the Guy Lecture for Schools and careers promotion materials. All e-Teacher members will receive the the fortnightly member's newsletter, offering an easy to read digest of statistical news and opinion, and access to theStatsLife website, featuring statistics news and updates from us. Finally, you’ll enjoy free electronic access to Significance magazine online and through the iOS and Android apps, and a discounted print subscription rate with articles and features aiming to communicate the practical use of statistics in an entertaining and thought-provoking way.

How to join

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