Membership wizard: Student membership

Students have two choices of membership available to them at the RSS.

Provided that you are in full-time education, or studying a part-time PhD you can join as a fellow of the Society, which is our main category of membership open to all those with an interest in statistics. Fellowship is especially relevant to students as it is the ideal step to take for those who plan on working in a statistical field or simply wish to be involved in the statistical community. Students receive a 50% discount on fellowship fees as long as they remain a student and also for two years after they graduate. Please explore the full range of benefits.

We recognise that students are often preoccupied with their studies and won’t necessarily have an expendable income. Therefore our second choice of student membership was designed with this in mind. e-Student membership is FREE and has exclusively online benefits. You can be an e-Student as long as you remain a student and the joining process is very simple. If you feel unable to commit to fellowship at this time this is the perfect membership category for you! Join today and support your learning with e-Student membership.

Please go to to join us!