Membership wizard: Fellowship

Anyone who has in an interest in statistics is welcome to join our main category of membership: fellowship. You can join at any time, be living in any country in the world and come from any educational background. Joining the RSS as a fellow gives you access to a huge range of benefits designed to suit everyone, no matter what their level of interest.

We also offer a reduced concessionary rate of 50% off the standard fee to those who are newly graduated, from designated EDA countries, or those who are retired from full-time employment. Please see full details of our fee structure and requirements.

If you don’t feel able to join up right away, that’s ok! But we’d love to add you to our mailing list for our supporters to keep in touch. You may also want to have a look at our events calendar and range of training courses available, plus read a bit about our member-led policy work. We’re confident regardless of your background that we have something that will interest you. If you have any questions or just aren’t sure what would be best for you, please contact Catherine Eaton-Lee (

Please go to to join us!