Having a voice

Through our member-led policy work, our members have a voice. Whether it’s influencing education policy, working with the press on how to report statistics or responding to consultations, our members are able to influence decision makers and make a real impact on the role of data and statistics in society. We also:

  • Represent our members in the work we do with other learned societies (eg the Council for the Mathematical Sciences) and scientific bodies (eg the Science Council); such as campaigning for an increase in the UK science budget. Our members also play a pivotal role in our getstats campaign, which aims to help everyone develop a basic grasp of statistics and statistical concepts

  • Produce research and organise debates and events on topics demonstrating the importance of statistics in the public domain. In 2013, our ‘Perils of perception’ research identified the gap that could exist between public perceptions and the evidence – sparking a range of media coverage and further debate

  • Encourage our members to write for our publications and websites and talk at careers events, at schools, at seminars in parliament and at other professional events about the importance of statistics and the role of the RSS

  • Invite members who are users of statistics to participate in an online forum where they can share experience and knowledge with one another and with those who produce statistics

  • Run active social media feeds such as Twitter and Facebook which we ask members to connect with to help share news and views