Accredited university courses

Accredited courses

We accredit university courses in statistics, at both undergraduate (including courses of MMath type) and MSc level. The accreditation is based on the general depth, breadth, quality and foundation of a course and its statistical content.

List of accredited courses

The list of undergraduate and postgraduate courses accredited by us changes from year to year. Download Undergraduate and postgraduate courses accredited by the Royal Statistical Society (PDF) for a list of currently accredited courses for the academic year 2015/2016.

Our accreditation is voluntary. There are many excellent university courses in statistics for which the university has not sought accreditation and consequently are not on the list.

Our Course accreditation – how to apply page gives details of our criteria for accreditation and details how universities should apply for a course to be accredited.

Universities can promote their accredited courses in publicity material, publications, course handbooks etc.

Complete list of accredited courses (from 1995 to present day) (XLSX).

Graduate Statistician award

Graduates from RSS accredited courses can apply to us for the professional award of Graduate Statistician (GradStat). Graduates from non-accredited courses may also apply for this status and will be considered on an individual basis.


We offer annual prizes for exceptional graduates of RSS accredited courses. A department may nominate one prize at postgraduate level and one prize at undergraduate level.

All winners receive our Graduate Statistician membership free for one year. Winners will be sent a certificate and GradStat application form. Prizewinners may be listed on pass-lists and degree congregation programmes, and elsewhere as appropriate, as recipients of a ‘Royal Statistical Society prize’.

Nominating prizewinners

  • Each year an accredited university is invited to submit the best undergraduate from any of their accredited courses (first class honours is normally required)
  • Each year an accredited university is invited to submit the best postgraduate from any of their accredited courses (MSc with distinction (or an equivalent level of performance if the university does not award ‘with distinction’) is normally required)
  • The name, course and level of award of the nominee should be emailed to our Professional Affairs and Examinations Manager who will confirm whether or not the course is accredited and the nomination is acceptable