Key information

Main examinations documents

Candidates should download our key examinations documents and read them thoroughly.

Please note that the RSS examinations will no longer be offered after the May 2017 session. Please see our dedicated page on Withdrawal of professional examinations for more information.

Guide to examinations (PDF)
This is our main general and administrative document. It contains information about the exams, regulations about how to register and deadlines for each stage of the process.

Syllabus for examinations in 2017 (PDF)
This document sets out the syllabuses and the structure of the exam papers for all our exams. It also covers the mathematical knowledge required for the Higher Certificate and Graduate Diploma. It applies to exams in 2014 and subsequent years, until further notice.

Guide on how to present information in graphs and diagrams (PDF)
All candidates, but particularly those for the Ordinary Certificate, are advised to read this guide.

Calculator regulations (PDF)
Our calculator regulations are available for you to read. It is important that you understand these and obtain a suitable calculator.

Statistical tables (PDF)
Printed tables are provided for use in the examinations. We advise you to familiarise yourself with the layout of the tables.

Answer book (PDF)
A copy of the front cover of the answer book is available for you to familiarise yourself with.

Examination registration

There are different categories for exam registration depending on whether or not you are already a member of the Society. Detailed information is available on our registration page.

Past papers and solutions

Past papers and specimen papers for our Higher Certificate (modular form introduced in 2007) and for our Graduate Diploma (introduced in 2009) are available on past papers and solutions page.

Reading lists

To help candidates prepare for professional exams we provide reading lists for each of the papers. In some cases, there is one reading list that covers two papers.

The reading lists provide a choice of books and it is not necessary to buy all (or even most) of them. Some of the lists have specific advice about particular books.

It is difficult to keep the list up to date as books go out of print and new editions are published sometimes with a change of author, title or publisher. We hope there is enough information here to enable you to locate any book. If necessary, try using catalogue searches for author and title. If you need help, then please email us.

Ordinary Certificate

Ordinary Certificate, Modules 1 and 2 (PDF)

Higher Certificate

Module 1 (Data collection and Interpretation) (PDF)
Module 2 (Probability models) (PDF)
Module 3 (Basic statistical methods) (PDF)
Module 4 (Linear models) (PDF)
Module 5 (Further probability and inference) (PDF)
Module 6 (Further applications of statistics) (PDF)
Module 7 (Time series and index numbers) (PDF)
Module 8 (Survey sampling and estimation) (PDF)

Graduate Diploma

Module 1 (Probability distributions) (PDF)
Module 2 (Statistical inference) (PDF)
Module 3 (Stochastic processes and time series) (PDF)
Module 4 (Modelling experimental data) (PDF)
Module 5 (Topics in applied statistics) (PDF)