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Pre-conference Training Courses
Monday 7 September 2015, Exeter

Longitudinal and Missing Data
Presented by Geert Verbeke and Geert Molenberghs
Monday 28 and Tuesday 29 September 2015
The course begins with a brief presentation of linear mixed models for continuous hierarchical data. The course focus is from the modeller’s perspective and on applications. Emphasis will be on model formulation, parameter estimation, and hypothesis testing, as well as on the distinction between the random-effects (hierarchical) model and the implied marginal model. It will be shown that, if no appropriate measures are taken, missing data can seriously jeopardize results, and interpretation difficulties are bound to occur. Methods to properly analyse incomplete data, under flexible assumptions, will be presented.
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Questionnaire Design and Implementation for Web Surveys
Presented by Pamela Campanelli
Wednesday 30 September
This course is about how to create a visually effective respondent friendly web questionnaire and how to implement it in an optimal way. The course also covers general principles of questionnaire design which apply to web surveys and the unique aspects of web surveys (both the advantages and disadvantages). Note that although some guidelines are given for web platform software choices, the main focus of the course in on questionnaire design and other implementation aspects of web surveys rather than the software.
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Understanding and Analysing Data
Presented by Jenny Freeman and Ellen Marshall
Monday 2 & Tuesday 3 November 2015
The purpose of the course is to help delegates understand some basic statistical concepts and develop a strategy for approaching a simple data analysis. The course will introduce basic concepts such as hypothesis testing and confidence interval estimation. It will provide the tools to undertake a simple analysis of a dataset and include some helpful hints and tips for reading and understanding reported statistics.
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Presenting Data
Presented by Ed Swires-Hennessy
Thursday 26 November
This one day course is the foundation to all presentations of statistical information. The basic principles of presenting information in tables, charts, maps and text are explained. These are illustrated and then reinforced through practical exercises. The course is for anyone who is involved in communicating statistics to non-statisticians or who reports on data – of any description – within organisation, to specific communities and to the general public where a message is being given.
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Advanced Programming in R
Presented by Colin Gillespie
Monday 7 & Tuesday 8 December 2015

This is a two day intensive course on advanced aspects of R programming. This workshop is primarily aimed at R users who do not have a formal background in computing. The course will be a mixture of lectures and computer practicals and will cover conditional programming structures, functional programming, S3 and S4 objects.
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Multilevel Modelling
Presented by Harvey Goldstein and George Leckie
Monday 14 and Tuesday 15 December 2015
This course is designed to give participants an introduction to the theory and application of multilevel models. The course will be based around theoretical sessions followed by 'hands on' practical sessions illustrating the theoretical concepts. The hands on sessions will use the MLwiN software package.
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Other courses are in development and will be publicised when dates are fixed. For more details or to register your interest in a course, email RSS Professional Development.

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