Apostolos Fakis, CStat CSci
Senior Medical Statistician

Scientist types: Service provider, Business, Investigator, Teacher 

The value of CSci status to me

I applied for the CSci status so as to push and inspire myself to develop even further from where I was. Applying for CSci status motivated me to go the extra mile and undertake activities that were not within my job description. This has led to a promotion to senior medical statistician. Another value of being chartered is that I maintain my CPD up-to-date and at levels equivalent to this status.

CPD supports my development

CPD is essential for my personal and professional development. It is also one of the best ways to keep my statistical knowledge up to date. It helps me set up new goals and constantly aim for improvement. CPD definitely helps with my annual job appraisal and my career progression.

Annual monitoring of CPD is essential for public confidence in the CSci award

It is essential to be monitored about our CPD so as to provide the confidence to the general public that CSci status is not a one-off recognition, but professionals with CSci status maintain their high standards and are monitored against those standards. Annual monitoring is also a chance for me to reflect back on all the actions I have / haven’t completed in the past year and plan new actions for the next year. The RSS system of random monitoring of fellows about their CPD is very fair and tries to minimise any potential burden.

I would encourage professionals to become chartered

If you would like to improve and progress professionally and in your career to the highest possible standards then applying for chartered status is one of the best ways to self-motivate and inspire yourself to achieve this.