Victor Alangibi Kiri, CStat CSci
Managing director of a consultancy in the healthcare sector

Scientist types: Business, Entrepreneur, Investigator, Teacher

Why I chose to apply to be a Chartered Scientist

As managing director, I coordinate the activities of the other experts and I am primarily responsible for business development and retention. I also serve as the subject-matter expert in Biostatistics and Pharmacoepidemiology.

The Chartered Scientist award encapsulates my professional standing as someone with a composite background in Statistical Epidemiology and Public Health. CSci status conveys credibility which is almost as important as subject-matter expertise in the consulting business on pharmaceutical products.

The value of Continuing Professional Development to me

The main value of CPD to my professional activities is the confidence it continues to engender following each successful compilation of my annual summary. The value of CPD monitoring as part of the annual renewal process for CSci lies in the importance that the award attaches to continuing professional improvement which is vital to its credibility in the eyes of my clients. 

My advice to a colleague thinking of becoming chartered

Provided you can meet its requirements, go ahead with your application because the award and its continuing evaluation process will likely enhance your ability and professional standing.