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Graduate Statistician

Graduate Statistician (GradStat) is a grade of professional membership of the Society. It provides formal recognition of an individual's statistical qualifications. It was established on 1 January 1993, following the merger of the Royal Statistical Society and the Institute of Statisticians on that date.

The general requirement for GradStat status is an approved degree (or equivalent).

It is hoped that Graduate Statisticians will be able to undertake suitable professional training and experience, normally for at least five years, so as to be eligible to apply for Chartered Statistician status. A mentoring service for Graduate Statisticians is available to offer help and advice in terms of the professional development they should undertake so as to be ready to apply for Chartered status. In addition, a more formal facility for a mid-term assessment is available so that the Society can provide advice as to whether satisfactory progress towards Chartered status is being made.

Full details of the requirements for Graduate Statistician status and information on how to apply are contained in the GradStat applicants notes for guidance. Applications are submitted and processed via a secure online portal.

Graduate Statisticians are expected to abide by the Society's code of conduct. They are also strongly commended to adhere to the Society's continuing professional development policy.

Graduate Statisticians pay an additional subscription in addition to the basic annual rate. Full details can be found in the subscriptions section of our website. There is no charge for the application process.

A leaflet setting out the benefits of the Graduate Statistician award can be found here.

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