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The Society has a strong interest in promoting statistical education. Our view is that 'statistical literacy' should be seen within society as being a vital life skill.

Numbers are everywhere and understanding how data are used is key to understanding the world around us and the society we live in, and to developing a strong economy. All school leavers should be able to use and interpret data effectively in the workplace. They should also have the ability to use data to make evidence-informed judgements, choices and decisions for themselves in their lives more generally.

Statistics is an important area of study within mathematics, and an important tool within a wide range of subjects across the sciences and social sciences, from biology, medicine and engineering, through to the environmental sciences, geography, psychology and sociology.

Our education work aims to build strong - real data, real application-inspired - statistics teaching and learning across the curriculum, in all phases of education, particularly at secondary level.

There are two major areas of work in our education theme:

  • Education policy
  • Education outreach
Our education web pages are currently being reviewed; if you have any questions please contact:

Scott Keir
Head of Education and Statistical Literacy
(+44) 020 7614 3929

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