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Start Time: 14 March 2013 17:00
End Time: 14 March 2013 19:30

The statistical implications of the reorganisation of the health system in England who needs which statistics for what purpose?
at the Royal Statistical Society, 12 Errol Street, London EC1Y 8LX

Mark Svenson (Department of Health)
and Andy Sutherland (Health & Social Care Information Centre)

The impact of the Health and Social Care Act on data collection and provision of data and statistics - producer perspectives

This session will provide perspectives from the Health and Social Care Information Centre, Department of Health and the Commissioning Board as current producers of statistics. It will discuss what will be different, the work currently in hand to respond to the organisational changes, the opportunities and issues presented. 
Sylvia Godden (NHS South West London; Public Health Directorate)
The impact of the Health and Social Care Act on the Public Health analytical function - a perspective from a Public Health practitioner working in the health and local government sector
This session will focus on the availability of and access to data required to inform commissioning decisions aimed at improving the health of the population. Current issues include data ownership, processing, access to Patient Identifiable Data, changes in the delivery of key data collections, and the extent to which existing data collections match the new organisational structure (i.e. administrative geographical data versus registered GP population data).
Veena Raleigh (The King's Fund)
Some over-arching perspectives from an independent observer
This session will consider the following generic issues relating to NHS data: the challenges in meeting the requirements of diverse users eg the NHS and patients and the public; the tensions in multiple uses of the data eg for quality improvement, pay-for-performance and choice; gaps in data eg for independent healthcare providers; access and presentation formats eg where and how information is published.
Jürgen Schmidt (Department for Health: Public Health England)
The changing landscape of local public health intelligence practice in the new world: how local authority-based public health teams will work in the new setting and how Public Health England intends to support them

From 1 April 2013, local authority-based public health teams will broadly provide two main intelligence functions; to their host local authority, to support that authority’s new public health functions; and to their local Clinical Commissioning Group(s), i.e. the public health advice service. The new commissioning landscape comprises new or substantially changed partners, at local, regional and national level, and Public Health Intelligence will be a shared function where Public Health England participates in making Knowledge & Intelligence available. The exact scope and extent of that contribution is still in development.

Registration and refreshments from 4:30pm onwards

Pre-registration by email is encouraged 
Meeting organiser: Richard Laux

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