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Previous Recipients

See 'The Awards' page for further information about the RSS honours and awards.

Previous recipients of the following awards are listed below:

Date of Election Name Date of Election Name
1892 The Rt Hon Charles Booth, FRS 1894 Sir Robert Giffen, FRS
1900 Sir J Athelsten Baines 1907 Professor F Y Edgeworth
1908 Major P G Craigie, CB 1911 Mr G Udny Yule
1920 Dr T H C Stevenson, CBE 1930 Mr A W Flux, CB
1935 Professor A L Bowley 1945 Professor M Greenwood, FRS
1946 Professor R A Fisher, FRS 1953 Professor A Bradford Hill, CBE
1955 Professor E S Pearson, CBE 1960 Dr F Yates, FRS
1962 Sir Harold Jeffreys, FRS 1966 Professor J Neyman
1968 Dr M G Kendall 1969 Professor M S Bartlett, FRS
1972 Professor H Cramer 1973 Sir David Cox, FRS
1975 Professor G A Barnard 1978 Professor Sir Roy Allen
1981 Professor D G Kendall, FRS 1984 Professor H E Daniels
1986 Professor B Benjamin 1987 Professor R L Plackett
1990 Professor P Armitage 1993 Professor G E P Box
1996 Professor P Whittle 1999 Professor Michael Healy
2002 Professor D Lindley 2005 Professor John Nelder
Date of Election Name Date of Election Name
1893 Sir John Glover 1894 Mr A Sauerbeck
1895 Mr A L Bowley 1897 Mr F J Atkinson
1899 Professor C S Loch 1900 Sir Richard Crawford, KCMG
1901 Mr T A Welton 1902 Mr R H Hooker
1903 Mr Y Guyot 1904 Mr D A Thomas
1905 Mr R H Rew 1906 Dr W H Shaw, FRS
1907 Mr N A Humphreys, ISO 1909 Sir Edward Brabrook, CB
1910 Mr G H Wood 1913 Dr R Dudfield
1914 Mr S Rowson 1915 Professor S J Chapman
1918 Professor J Shield Nicholson 1919 Dr J C Stamp
1921 Mr A W Flux, CB 1927 Mr H W Macrosty, OBE
1928 Miss E Newbold 1930 Mr H E Soper
1934 Professor J H Jones 1935 Dr E C Snow
1936 Mr R G Hawtrey 1938 Mr E C Ramsbottom, OBE
1939 Dr L Isserlis 1940 Mr H Leak
1945 Mr M G Kendall 1950 Mr H Campion, CB
1951 Mr F A A Menzler, CBE 1952 Professor M S Bartlett
1953 Dr J O Irwin 1954 Mr L H C Tippett
1955 Mr D G Kendall 1957 Dr H E Daniels
1958 Professor G A Barnard 1960 Mr E C Fieller
1961 Professor D R Cox 1962 Dr P V Sukhatme
1964 Professor G R P Box 1965 Professor C R Rao
1966 Professor P Whittle 1968 Professor D V Lindley
1973 Professor R L Plackett 1976 Professor J Durbin
1977 Dr J A Nelder 1978 Professor P Armitage
1979 Professor M J R Healy 1980 Professor M Stone
1981 Professor J F C Kingman, FRS 1982 Dr H P Wynn
1983 Mr J E Besag 1984 Mr J C Gittins
1985 Dr A Bissell/Mr W Pridmore 1986 Mr R Peto
1987 Professor J B Copas 1988 Professor J Aitchison
1989 Dr F P Kelly 1990 Mr D G Clayton
1991 Professor R L Smith 1992 Professor R N Curnow
1993 Professor A F M Smith 1994 Dr D J Spiegelhalter
1995 Professor B W Silverman 1996 Professor S L Lauritzen
1997 Professor P J Diggle 1998 Professor H Goldstein
1999 Professor P J Green 2000 Dr W Gilks
2001 Professor A P Dawid 2002 Professor D Hand
2003 Professor Kanti Mardia 2004 Professor Peter Donnelly
2005 Professor Peter McCullagh 2006 Professor Mike Titterington
2007 Professor Howell Tong 2008 Professor Gareth Roberts
2009 Professor Sylvia Richardson 2010 Professor Iain Johnstone
Date of Election Name Date of Election Name
1936 Mr W G Cochran 1938 Mr R F George
1949 Mr W J Jennett 1962 Professor P Armitage
1966 Professor J Durbin 1967 Professor F Downton
1968 Professor R L Plackett 1969 Dr M C Pike
1970 Professor P G Moore 1971 Professor D J Bartholomew
1974 Mr G N Wilkinson 1975 Dr A F Bissell
1976 Mr P L Goldsmith 1977 Dr A F M Smith
1978 Mr A P Dawid 1979 Professor T M F Smith
1980 Professor A J Fox 1982 Professor S J Pocock
1983 Dr P McCullagh 1984 Dr B W Silverman
1985 Dr D J Spiegelhalter 1986 Professor D F Hendry
1987 Dr P J Green 1988 Dr S C Darby
1989 Dr S M Gore 1990 Dr V S Isham
1991 Dr M G Kenward 1992 Dr C Jennison
1993 Dr J A Tawn 1994 Ms R F A Poultney
1995 Professor I Johnstone 1996 Dr J N S Matthews
1997 Dr G O Roberts 1998 Dr D Firth
1999 Dr P W F Smith/Dr J Forster 2000 Dr J Wakefield
2001 Dr G P Nason 2002 Professor G Molenberghs
2003 Professor Peter Lynn 2004 Dr Nicola Best
2005 Dr Stephen Brooks  2006 Dr Matthew Stephens
2007 Dr Paul Fearnhead 2008 Dr Fiona Steele
2009 Dr Chris Holmes 2010 Dr Omiros Papaspiliopoulos
Date of Election Name Date of Election Name
1977 A A Greenfield 1980 W R Buckland
1983 I D Hill 1986 E J Snell
1989 D M G Wishart 1992 Mr P R Fisk
1995 Dr A P Haws & Professor P G Moore 1998 Professor V Barnett
2000 Mr G Clarke 2004 Dr F Duckworth
2008 Mr Peter Holmes 2010 Professor Sheila Bird
Date of Election Name Date of Election Name
1994 Professor M J Gardner (Posthumous) 1997 Professor D G Altman
2000 Dr S Bird 2003 Professor Stuart Pocock
2007 Professor Scott Zeger 2009   Professor Stephen Senn
Date of Election Name Date of Election Name
1991 Dr D Price 1992 Dr T P Davis & Dr D M Grove
1995 Dr A Racine-Poon 1998 Mr R Caulcutt & Dr M Gerson
2000 Dr L Furlong 2005 Professor Susan Lewis
2007 Mr S J Morrison 2010 Professor D Montgomery
Date of Election Name Date of Election Name
2003 Mr Edward Swires-Hennessy  2006 Professor Angela Dale
2009 Professor Chris Skinner    
Date of Election Name Date of Election Name
1992 Dr S D Coles 1994 Dr S Pitts
1996* No award 1997 No award
1998 Dr A W Ledford 1999 Dr S Brooks
2000 Dr K Skouras 2003 Dr Christopher Holmes
2005 Dr Mario de lorio  2008 Dr Richard Samworth
2009 Dr Andrew Golightly    


(1) Council at its meeting on 14 February 1996 resolved that the Research Prize should be awarded in 1997 and 1998, and thereafter biennially.
(2) Since no award was made in 1997, it was awarded in 1999. 
(3) Since no award was made in 2007, it was awarded in 2008.


Date of Election Name Date of Election Name
1969 CR Rao (India) 1976 D H Blackwell (USA)
1977 E Malinvaud (France) 1978 IP Fellegi (Canada)
1978 WR Van Zwet (Netherlands)    
1982 EO Barndorff-Nielsen (Denmark) 1982 JM Gani (Australia)
1983 H Akaike (Japan) 1983 D Schwartz (France)
1984 KG Joreskog (Sweden) 1985 V Nyitrai (Hungary)
1985 PJA Dagnelie (Belgium) 1985 TP Linehan (Eire)
1986 KC Seal (India) 1986 AN Shiryayev (Russia)
1986 MB Wilk (Canada) 1987 J Norwood (USA)
1989 K Takeuchi (Japan) 1989 K De Graft-Johnson (Ghana)
1989 U Grenander (USA/Sweden) 1989 PG Hall (Australia)
1991 W Seltzer (USA)    
1991 G Theodore (France) 1992 SL Lauritzen (Denmark)
1993 GEP Box (USA)    
1993 Sir John Kingman (UK) 1993 GE Roberts (UK)
1994 N Breslow (USA) 1994 Sir Richard Doll (UK)
1996 Sir Claus Moser (UK) 1997 Sir Walter F Bodmer (UK)
1997 N Keyfitz (USA) 1999 AH Halsey (UK)
2001 Rt Hon C Short (UK) 2002 R Anderson (UK)
2003 Professor Andrew Ehrenberg (UK)    
2004 R Parry-Jones (UK) 2006 Sir Iain Chalmers (UK)
2008 Baroness Onora O'Neill (UK) 2009 Sir Kenneth Calman (UK)
2009 Clive Fairweather CBE (UK) 2009 Sir Michael Rawlins (UK)
2009 Paul Wiles (UK) 2010 Professor Janet Darbyshire CBE
Date of Election Name
2000 Dr N Longford
Mr P Garcia
Dr R Thomas
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