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MIS and FIS: Member and Fellow of the IoS
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MIS and FIS: Member and Fellow of the IoS

The Institute of Statisticians (IoS) merged with the Royal Statistical Society on 1 January 1993. The Institute had been founded in 1948 as a professional body for statistics and statisticians. The merged Society has assumed the professional role of the Institute as well as continuing with all its other activities.

The IoS conferred professional qualifications of Member and Fellow (MIS and FIS). At the time of the merger, holders of either of these were entitled to apply to transfer to the new professional qualification of Chartered Statistician (CStat) or to maintain their existing designations. A large number of holders of MIS and FIS chose to transfer to CStat, and more have done so since then, but substantial numbers chose to remain as MIS or FIS. MIS, FIS and CStat are regarded as fully equivalent.

The IoS also conferred the qualification of Graduate Membership (sometimes rendered as GradIS), holders of which were likewise entitled to apply to transfer to the new qualification of Graduate Statistician (GradStat) at the time of the merger.

Members who retained MIS, FIS or GradIS status but would now like to transfer to CStat or GradStat should contact the Society (email to qualifications@rss.org.uk) for advice.

Note. Before the 1993 merger, it was permitted for Fellows of the Royal Statistical Society to use the designation FSS after their names, provided this was not for any professional purpose. Now that the Society is a professional body as well as a learned society, this is no longer the case.  Fellowship of the Royal Statistical Society is not an earned qualification - it is the name used for the standard grade of membership. It is obviously inappropriate for a professional body to allow an unearned qualification to be used in this way. Fellows are therefore asked to cease the use, for any purpose, of the designation FSS after their names. (Some Fellows have used "FRSS" but this has always been an error.)

Holders of CStat, GradStat, MIS or FIS status are entitled, and encouraged, to use that designation after their names. This also applies to holders of CSci (Chartered Scientist) status.

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