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Statistics User Executive

Terms of reference of the Statistics User Executive Committee

There shall be a Statistics User Executive Committee, responsible to the RSS Council.

The composition of the Statistics User Executive Committee shall be as follows:

  • A chair, appointed by Council following consultation, who shall normally be the Honorary Officer for the statistics user community theme.
  • The Honorary Officer for the statistics user community theme, if not appointed to the chair.
  • Three members appointed by the Statistics User Forum, appointed to represent the Forum as a whole.
  • Three members appointed by the RSS Council for their knowledge of or experience within the statistics user community or for the relevance of their knowledge or experience to the statistics user community. Normally, these members will be appointed from membership of the Statistics User Forum.

Casual vacancies shall be filled by appointment by either the Statistics User Forum or the RSS Council as appropriate to meet the terms above. The appointed member shall serve the remainder of the term of office.

The Committee shall have power to invite others to attend specific meetings or agenda items as appropriate. The Committee may co-opt non-voting members to attend on a continuing basis. The number of co-opted members shall not exceed two at any time.

Members appointed by the Forum and by Council shall normally be appointed for a two year term of office, renewable for a maximum of one term. On the conclusion of each business session two members shall retire (or be reappointed), one each from those appointed by the Statistics User Forum and by the RSS Council.

The Committee shall be serviced by the Theme Manager for the statistics user community, who shall be a member of the Society's staff identified by the Director General.

The function of the Statistics User Executive Committee shall be to:

  • Implement within the budget set by Council the strategy and policy for coordinating the statistics user community as laid down by the Statistics User Forum
  • Provide advice to the Statistics User Forum on policy direction and any matters relevant to the statistics user community.
  • Organise a statistics users annual conference, building on the successful conferences previously organised by the Statistics User Council.
  • Consider applications from user groups for affiliation to the Society and make recommendations to the RSS Council.
  • Keep under review the administrative support services provided to the affiliated statistics user groups.
  • Formulate an annual budget for the Society's support of the statistics user community for the consideration of the Society's Finance Committee.
  • Undertake such additional tasks as Council or the Statistics User Forum may from time to time request.

The Committee may make proposals to the Society's Executive Committee for the formation of sub-committees or working groups to undertake specific aspects of the Committee's work.


For more details please contact suf@rss.org.uk; 020 7638 8998

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