Our Council, chaired by our President, is our main governing body. Council manages our income, funds, property and activities, according to our Charter and bye-laws. Council members come from a wide range of statistical backgrounds and comprise honorary officers, including the President, and 24 ordinary members.

Honorary officers

The Society's work is led by honorary officers who work on a day-to-day basis with a member of staff. They include four Vice Presidents who are responsible for key areas within the Society. These partnerships take a strategic overview of a business area, develop theme-based business plans, and consult widely in the fellowship.

Honorary officers are appointed or re-appointed each year by Council. They are selected from our fellows. At least half of the honorary officers must be current or past elected members of the Council and the minimum and maximum numbers of honorary officers is set by our regulations.

Nominations and elections

Every year a number of vacancies arise for ordinary membership on our Council. Our honorary officers make suggestions and then Council makes a number of nominations taking into account past candidacies, the balance of statistical interests within Council, and demographic and age ranges of existing Council members. After this process, our fellows put forward additional nominations. When there are more nominations than vacancies for ordinary members of Council, a ballot is held among our fellowship. The votes are counted using the single transferable vote (STV) system. Our bye-laws require Council to propose two nominations more than the number of vacancies for ordinary members of Council ensuring an election every year.

Details of current and past Council members are available to download:
2020 Council members (PDF)
2019 Council members (PDF)
2018 Council members (PDF)
2017 Council members (PDF)
2016 Council members (PDF)
2015 Council members (PDF)
2014 Council members (PDF)
2013 Council members (PDF)