Our archive is in the basement of our London office, housed in a specially constructed bay of 18 rolling stack shelves. The collection contains 106 volumes and 32 boxes of papers.

Although the archives has some gaps in the late 19th century, the bulk of our official documentation remains intact, and it includes:

  • Unbroken record of Council minutes from 1834 to the present day
  • All nomination papers from 1835 onwards
  • The records of ordinary meetings from 1834 to the present day
  • A wealth of material on the development of the journal, various prizes and medals

There are also a number of separate deposited collections, including those of a leading 19th century fellow, William Newmarch and pre-1800 books.

Email our archivist Janet Foster if you would like to view the archive.

Information about our archives is available on the AIM25 website. AIM25 provides details of over 90 higher education institutions and learned society archives within the greater London area.