Guy Medals

The Guy Medals are named after William Augustus Guy, the British medical statistician. The Bronze and Silver medals are awarded annually and the Gold medal is awarded every two years.

Guy Medal in Gold

The Guy Medal in Gold is a ‘lifetime achievement’ award given to a fellow of the Society judged to have merited distinction by innovative contributions to the theory or application of statistics.

The Guy Medal in Gold winner 2019: Stephen Buckland – University of St Andrews

Stephen has pioneered many international developments in ecological statistics, including wildlife population assessment, biodiversity monitoring and modelling population dynamics. 'This award came as a complete surprise to me,' Stephen said. 'I feel that the award sends a strong message of support for applied statisticians, recognising not just one person, but the importance of teamwork, of developing methods to solve problems in other disciplines, and of making those methods accessible to user communities... I am very grateful to all my colleagues who have contributed through the years, and to the RSS for this recognition of our achievements.'

Guy Medal in Silver

The Guy Medal in Silver is awarded to a fellow of the Society in respect of a paper or papers of special merit communicated to the Society at its ordinary meetings. Other contributions to statistics may also be considered.

Guy Medal in Silver winner 2019: Susan Murphy - Harvard University

Susan’s influential 2003 JRSSB paper on Optimal Dynamic Treatment Regimens proposed a methodology for estimating decision regimens that result in a maximal mean response, consistent with an elegantly-defined regret function and for use with experimental or observational data. 'This wonderful award will help advertise the serious need for statistical scientists to contribute to the emerging field of sequential decisions in statistical reinforcement learning!' Susan said.

Guy Medal in Bronze

The Guy Medal in Bronze is awarded to a fellow of the Society in respect of excellent work presented to any conference or meeting run by the Society or published in any of the Society’s journals. Eligible candidates must be within fifteen years of the award of their first degree. Other contributions to statistics may be considered.

Guy Medal in Bronze winner 2019: Jonas Peters – University of Copenhagen

Jonas Peters won the Guy Medal in Bronze for research on causal inference and related statistical methodology and theory. 'I could not feel more honoured to receive the RSS Guy Medal,' Jonas said. 'Many thanks to all my wonderful collaborators. Causality tries to answer how we can improve systems by performing interventions. It may also help us to build robust models that can still be used if the system changes. It is an exciting and important research field. I feel that the award recognises that.'

Do you want to nominate someone?

The deadline for the 2020 nominations is 1 October 2019. Fellows, members of Council, standing committees, section and local group committees may make nominations. Our Honours Committee, chaired by our President, Deborah Ashby, will consider the nominations. The committee encourages a broad range of nominations to ensure the awards are made to people who best meet the criteria.

Here are the guidance notes for RSS honours and awards (PDF) which contains information on the criteria for the award and the procedure for nominations.