Statistical honours and awards

RSS president David Spiegelhalter presenting the 2017 Guy Medal in bronze to Yingying Fan

Honours recipients for 2018

In 2018, the following honours will be presented at our awards ceremony in Cardiff this September:

    • Guy Medal in Silver: Peter Bühlmann 
    • Guy Medal in Bronze: Peng Ding
    • Bradford Hill Medal: Nicky Best
    • Greenfield Industrial Medal: Idris Eckley
    • West Medal: Jill Leyland
    • Barnett Award: Peter Diggle
    • Research Prize: Emanuele Giorgi 
    • Howard Medal: Colin Aitken

    Here are further details on the 2018 awards.

    Making a nomination

    You can download a summary of the 2019 honours which will be awarded by the Society here (PDF). The deadline for nominations is 1 October 2018.

    Fellows, members of Council, standing committees, section and local group committees may make nominations. Our Honours Committee, chaired by our President, David Spiegelhalter, will consider the nominations. The committee encourages a broad range of nominations to ensure the awards are made to people who best meet the criteria.

    Further information

    Here are the guidance notes for RSS honours and awards (PDF) which contains information on the criteria for the award and the procedure for nominations.

    Download a nomination form for society honours and awards (DOC).

    Please email if you need more information about the honours and the nomination process.

    Here is a list of previous recipients of the Society's honours (PDF) since 1892.

    Details of the 2017 honours can be found at the announcement made on our StatsLife website.