Cathie Marsh Memorial Lecture

The Cathie Marsh Memorial Lecture is a long-standing annual event named in honour of the inspirational social researcher, statistician and outstanding social survey analyst. We organise the event with the Social Research Association, as Cathie Marsh was involved with both organisations. It attracts a large audience of practicing social researchers, statisticians, policy-makers and advisors.

The lecture traditionally takes place on a Tuesday in November at the RSS in Errol Street. Three speakers are usually selected around a given theme usually relevant to both social researchers and statisticians, such as applying statistical analysis to key social issues and trends. Below lists the themes of previous lectures:

2018 Is there a future for surveys? Watch the video (YouTube) of the event.
2017 How unequal is the UK - and should we care? Watch the video (YouTube) of the event.
2016 Statistics in the EU Referendum (event details)
2015 What does the failure of the polls tell us about the future of survey research? (event details
2014 Anonymisation - are the data we release safe? (event details)
2013 What can randomised control trials bring to social policy evaluation? (audio) (report)
2012 Open data (event preview)
2011 Why do the media, the public and politicians abuse and misunderstand statistics?
2010 40 years since the Equal Pay Act 1970
2009 Understanding non-response and reducing non-response bias
2008 Are web-based surveys the survey method of the future?
2007 Using SARs to research the experience of ethnic minorities
2006 The efficacy of randomised control trials in policy evaluation
2005 Public confidence in official statistics
2004 Illuminating the Indices: the development and use of indices of deprivation
2003 Trials on trial: early experience of designing RCTs of labour market programmes in the UK
2002 Poverty and social exclusion survey
2001 Neighbourhood statistics