RSS Webinar Series

Our supporters and members are based all over the world, and work in diverse areas of statistics and data. Our Webinar Series has become increasingly popular as a way to improve knowledge and network with a global community.

Journal webinar

Our Journal webinar is a free-to-attend virtual conference call dial-in meeting. Our members and non-members are welcome to take part in the meetings. It is sponsored by Quintiles.

Meetings feature papers from our journals. The authors of papers are invited to present their work and each presentation is followed by a discussion. All papers presented are freely available for a period around the webinar date.

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Professional Statisticians’ Forum (PSF)

The PSF is created and run by and for professional statisticians (CStat, GradStat) and everyone with an interest in the profession of statistics is welcome to participate in a meeting.

PSF aims to provide a forum for:

  • Professional development
  • Learning relevant to professional roles
  • Networking with fellow professionals

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