East Midlands Local Group


The East Midlands Local Group was revived in late 2014 after a period of inactivity.

Our main activity is the organisation of a programme of meetings at which statisticians and non-statisticians from across the region come together to hear about and discuss statistics and its applications. These meetings are intended to appeal to anyone with an interest (professional or otherwise) in statistics. Meetings are held primarily in Nottingham and Leicester, but it is intended that our geographical coverage will expand as the group re-establishes its presence. To encourage discussion and socialisation amongst attendees, refreshments are normally available before and/or after the meetings.


Chair: Diwei Zhou (Loughborough University)
Secretary: Hideyasu Shimadzu (Loughborough University)
Treasurer: Chris Brignell (University of Nottingham)

Committee members

Sylwia Bujkiewicz (University of Leicester)
Chris Fallaize (University of Nottingham)
Martin Holt (Freelance medical statistician)
Michael Mulheran (University of Leicester)
David Sirl (University of Nottingham)
Nick Taub (University of Leicester)
Lucy Teece (University of Leicester)

Future meetings

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News and meeting reports

Find out the latest news and reports from our meetings.

Additional Information

Annual Report 2018
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