Reading Local Group


We are the Royal Statistical Society local group for Reading and the surrounding area. We arrange a series of talks for the local statistical community, including statisticians in industry and academia, and others with some interest in statistics. Some of these talks are mainly for an academic audience, but others are of wider interest to the statistical community, usually focussing on local interests such as pharmaceuticals or meteorology. All the events are free and open to members of the RSS and non-members. To aid attendance from a wide group, events are held in a variety of locations and times.


Chair: Leonardo Ripoli (University of Reading)
Secretary: Ivis Kerama (University of Reading)
Treasurer: Alison Berry (DSTL)

Committee members

Carlos Barahona (Statistics for Sustainable Development)
Peter Colman (GMX)
Geoffrey Darnton
Richard Everitt (University of Reading)
Ariane Kehlbacher (University of Reading)
Sahnti Majithia
Laura Mansfield (University of Reading)
Felipe Medina Aguayo (University of Reading)
Kerry Gordon (Quantiles) (co-opted)
Claudia Neves (University of Reading) (co-opted)

Future meetings

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Additional information

Annual Report 2018
Visit our website for upcoming events and reports from past events
Twitter: @ReadingRSS