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The Business and Industrial Section (BIS) of the Royal Statistical Society is targeted at practitioners and users of statistics in business and industrial applications. BIS aims to raise awareness of relevant events, share good practice, provide opportunities to network and discuss topics of interest. Business and Industrial bring together practitioners from academia and industry who are passionate about improving the analysis and interpretation of data in making management decisions

We organise events on applications of statistical methods to all areas of business and industry including risk analysis, experimental design, measurement uncertainty, business innovation, asset management, quantitative finance, big data and business surveys.


  • The BIS Section promotes the advancement and the application of statistical techniques (methods and thinking) to all aspects of business and industry through organising meetings or conferences on relevant topics.
  • The meetings or conferences may involve presentations, discussions, demonstrations or the reading of papers.
  • The Committee may form (with the permission of Council) study groups for the examination and study of particular problems.
  • The BIS welcomes opportunities to organise meetings jointly with other organisations, sections or groups. It works with or notifies other sections when there are meetings relevant to them.


Chair: Trevor Duguid Farrant
Vice-chair: David Smallbone 
Meetings Secretary: Neil Spencer

Committee members

Andrei Bejan
Tony Bellotti
Tony Bendell
Suzanne Bradbury
Roland Caulcutt
Shirley Coleman (Discussion meetings representative)
Tracey Cool
Peter Smith
Giuliana Battisti (Council representative)

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Additional information

Annual Report 2018
Twitter: @RSS_BIS