Data Science Section


The Data Science Section is a newly formed section of the Royal Statistical Society that was established in 2017. The Section includes representatives from business, industry, government and academia and was formed to address emerging topics that will impact the long term success of data science as a profession.


The remit of the Data Science section is to be a professional body that represents data scientists in the UK. The section will organise meetings for a broad range of attendees and generate outputs that are aimed at:

  • Promoting good practice by addressing what good Data Science looks like (with exemplars) and what it does not look like.
  • Promoting the statistical aspects of Data Science / re-enforcing the statistical framework
  • Being a trusted voice on Data Science for employers, including inputting to consultation exercises
  • Supporting the Data Science community throughout the UK
  • Supporting the pipeline and career development of data scientists and statisticians by elevating skill sets to work in the modern world
  • Supporting important emerging topics such as ethics, privacy, algorithmic responsibility and personalization - lifting the quality of the conversation
  • Fostering multi-disciplinary connections and the exchanging of ideas


Chair: Andrew Garrett
Vice-Chair: James Weatherall
Secretary: Leone Wardman
Meetings Secretary: Richard Pugh

Committee members

Paddy Brock
Simon Goodchild
Martin Goodson
Ioanna Manolopoulou
Giles Pavey
Magda Piatkowska
Alberto Polleri
Harry Powell
Matthew Upson (co-opted)
Simon Briscoe (Council representative)

Future meetings

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Additional information

Twitter: @RSS_DSS
Slack forum: RSS Data Science