Emerging Applications Section


The Emerging Applications Section (EAS) was formed at the beginning of 2017, to replace the General Applications Section (GAS). The section is concerned with the study, informal debate and discussion of statistical subjects across a wide range of fields of application with a view to making statistical developments accessible to a broad general audience.

EAS covers diverse, niche, and emerging application domains, and often demonstrates the applicability and value of new methodological enhancements in the context of such applications.

The EAS committee includes representation from across academia and industry. We welcome collaboration and interaction with other sections, special interest groups, local groups and RSS members.

The role of EAS is to play a more active and forward-looking role in the Society’s strategic objective of greater understanding of an increasingly complex world. Specifically, the Section will provide a platform for topics that are of emerging importance in the discipline.


The Emerging Applications Section (EAS) aims to undertake the following:

  • Promote cross-disciplinary applications of statistical techniques;
  • Facilitate wider adoption and understanding of methods by statistical users and practitioners;
  • Explore new and applied statistical methods and approaches across a diverse range of fields.


Chair: Rhiannon Edge
Vice-chair: Clara Grazian (Discussion meetings representative)
Secretary: Deirdre Toher
Meeting secretary: Valentina Cambiano

Committee members

Marta Blangiardo (Publications network representative)
Richard Everitt
Sara Geneletti
Anne Presanis
Catalina Vallejos
Kevin Wilson
Mario Cortina Borja (Council representative)

Future meetings

View our events calendar: statslife.org.uk/general-applications-section

News and meeting reports

Read news about the section and reports from our meetings.

Additional information

Annual Report 2018
Twitter: @EAS_RSS