Environmental Statistics Section


The Environmental Statistics Section was originally formed as a study group in 1996 under the auspices of the General Applications Section, but now has full section status.


The aims and objectives of the Section are:

  • Act as a national focus for statisticians involved in environmental work.
  • To contribute to statistical thinking to understand current environmental issues.
  • To foster interaction between the statistics and environmental science communities, with a view to identifying key statistical challenges and promoting the uptake of modern statistical methods throughout the environmental sciences.
  • To organise meetings in London and elsewhere.
  • To maintain the ENVSTAT mailing list.


Chair: Eleni Matechou
Vice Chair: Peter Henrys
Secretary: Phil Sansom (Discussion Meeting Representative)
Meetings Secretary: Ben Swallow

Committee members

Nicole Augustin
Aoibheann Brady
Emily Dennis
Adam Griffin
Claudia Neves
Gail Robertson
Gordon Ross
Theresa Smith

Future meetings

View our events calendar: statslife.org.uk/environmental-statistics-section

News and meeting reports

View news about the section and reports from our meetings

Additional information

Annual Report 2018
Mailing list: ENVSTAT
Website: rss-environmental.github.io
Twitter: RSS_ESS