History of Statistics Section


All human activities have a past and the History Section engages with the statistical past. The History of Statistics Section was formed in September 2010. The section aims to promote the statistical literacy through the use of history. The group provides a forum for the dissemination and discussion of topics concerning the history of statistics, which can be achieved through an annual programme of meetings. It is concerned with the history of statistical methods and probability, historical data and the lives of statisticians and other individuals who contributed to the development and growth of statistics and probability.


The aims and objectives of the Section are:

  • To foster research in the history of statistics and statistical history.
  • To bring together divergent professional groups who either work on the history of statistics professionally or have an active interest in this area.
  • To promote statistical literacy through the use of history
  • Support the communication of historical research into the wider community,and demonstrate to non-statisticians why and how statistics is a valuable tool.


Chair: John Aldrich (Discussion Meeting Representative)
Vice chair:  Mike Hughes
Secretary: Cecilia Lanata Briones
Meeting secretary: Peter Smith

Committee members

Lisa Bud-Frierman
Leo Cremonezi
David Dowe
Wallace Ferguson
Alison Macfarlane
Eileen Magnello
Fabio Rigat
Beatrice Touchelay
Sam Randalls (co-opted)
Mark Casson (co-opted)
Claire Gormley (Council representative)

Future meetings

See our events calendar for upcoming meetings: statslife.org.uk/history-of statistics-section

News and meeting reports

Find out the latest news and reports from our meetings.

Additional information

Annual Report 2018
Twitter: @HistoryofStats
Facebook: History of Stats
Mailing list: History of Statistics