Medical Section


The Medical Section is a long-established section of the Royal Statistical Society. Whilst electronic records of the activities of the section only date back to the mid 80’s correspondence with fellow statisticians anecdotally suggests that the section was already ‘well established in the 1960’s’.

Health and medical statistics continues to remain an important application of statistics and an area where statistics continues to develop in order to keep up with new advances in both science and technology. Therefore in future years the importance of medical statistics is likely to continue to grow.


The aim of the section is to develop and support the application of statistical methods in all branches of medicine.

This is achieved through the following objectives:

  • Organise and support regular high quality meetings focused on issues of importance in medical and healthcare statistics
  • Where possible the section will work together with other appropriate sections and non-RSS organisations to promote Medical Statistics. This has previously included the PSI (statisticians in the pharmaceutical industry) and the international biometrics society
  • Jointly organise the Annual Bradford Hill lecture with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  • The encouragement of members to contribute articles to the RSS publication ‘Significance’
  • The encouragement of members to organise sessions at RSS Annual Conference.
  • Support the RSSMedsec jiscmail mailing list to highlight the activities of the section.


Chair: Mona Kanaan (Discussion Meeting Representative)
Vice-chair: Nathan Green (Publication network representative)
Secretary: Nicola Fitz-Simon 
Meetings Secretary: Wendy Harrison

Committee members

Salma Ayis (Discussion Meetings Representative)
Laura Boyle 
Catey Bunce 
Dan Lythgoe
Robin Mitra
Sarah Nevitt
Aris Perperoglou
Rute Vieira
Christl Donnelly (Council representative)

Future meetings

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News and meeting reports

Read news about the section and reports from our meetings.

Professional Recognition and Development Project

This project was initiated by former committee member Gill Price (UEA), to address issues about professional development for statisticians working in medicine, health and related areas. We developed a survey to identify and quantify issues of concern, which was communicated via RSS and other channels. The survey was open during March-April 2019, and 335 people responded. We thank all those who participated in the survey, and plan to publish a report on the website in due course.

Additional information

Annual Report 2018
Twitter: @RSSMedSection
Mailing List: RSS Medical Section
Podcast: Soundcloud