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The RSS Official Statistics Section committee arranges a programme of meetings on official statistics as well as contributing to the RSS annual conference.

The Section Committee’s work also helps support the RSS’ National Statistics Advisory Group (where discussion of UK policy for official statistics takes place). The RSS policy page links to documents showing the RSS’ work in this area.

The remit and activities of the Section are likely to be of interest to a wide range of audiences, including many people who would not consider themselves primarily (or at all) as “statisticians” and are not members of the Section. We encourage such people to get involved in our activities, and make sure that its meetings are generally accessible to non-statisticians.


The aims and objectives of the Section are:

1. To provide a forum for discussing the collection, quality, dissemination, analysis, and interpretation of official statistics, including methods and findings.
2. To organise regular activities (working jointly with other sections of the RSS where possible) to bring together  producers and a wide range of users of official statistics.

The programme of meetings is designed particularly for the following audiences:

  • Statisticians working in areas related to official statistics.
  • Researchers who carry out empirical research using official statistics.
  • Users of results of official statistics, for example in the public, private, voluntary and academic sectors, politics and the media.

The terms “official statistics” should be interpreted in a broad sense. Under the Statistics and Registration Service Act 2007 official statistics are defined as statistics produced by the Board (effectively the ONS), a government department, the Scottish Administration, a Welsh ministerial authority, a Northern Ireland department or any other person acting on behalf of the Crown. This should include social, economic and environmental statistics. The Official Statistics Section also considers data (including open data sets) from official sources nationally and locally to be a relevant topic for discussion of official statistics.


Chair: Alison Macfarlane
Vice-chair: David Matz
Secretary: Daria Gromyko
Meetings secretary: Hira Naveed

Committee members

Waleed Backler
Catherine Barnaby
Jeremy Burton
Mike Hughes
Jana Kubascikova
Angela Luna Hernandez
Katherine Pegler
Valerie Saunders
Lewis Jack (co-opted) Charles Lound (co-opted)
Christian Nygaard (co-opted)
James Sergeant (Council Representative)

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