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The RSS Social Statistics Section arranges an annual programme of meetings on social statistics. The Section Committee may also form study groups for the examination and study of particular problems.
The main means by which the work of the Section is achieved is through the programme of meetings. The remit and activities of the Section are likely to be of interest to a wide range of audiences, including many people who would not consider themselves primarily (or at all) as “statisticians” and are not members of the Section. We encourage such people to get involved in our activities, and make sure that its meetings are generally accessible to non-statisticians.


The aims and objectives of the Section are:

  • To be concerned with the collection, dissemination, analysis, and interpretation of statistical data in all fields of social inquiry.
  • To aim to provide a forum for discussion and dissemination of a wide range of issues, methods and findings in the area of social statistics.

The programme of meetings is designed particularly for the following audiences:

  • Statisticians working in areas related to social statistics.
  • Researchers who carry out empirical social research using quantitative data.
  • Users of results of empirical social research, for example in the public and private sectors, politics and the media.


Chair: Tricia Dodd
Vice-chair: Nickie Rose
Secretary: Ian Brunton-Smith
Meetings secretary: Jess Evans

Committee members

Sally-Ann Aubrey-Smith
Jamie Burnett
Alexandru Cernat
David Hussey
Tom King
Nick Moon   
Salah Merad
Gwilym Pryce
Natalie Shlomo
Richard Laux (co-opted)
Simon White (Council representative)

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