Young Statisticians’ Section


The Young Statisticians Section (YSS) aims to unite statisticians in the early stages of their careers, acting as a central resource which supports, promotes, coordinates and provides a voice for all those within the YSS community. YSS provides both a social and professional resource centre for the community of career-young statisticians. At the time of creation, no such resource was available for those entering a career in statistics, with previous groups being fragmented or focused on specific methodologies. The establishment of the committee aimed to ease the transitions encountered when advancing from a student to career-young statistician and subsequently to an experienced statistician within RSS.


The aims and objectives of the section are:

  • Arrange a diverse programme of accessible events, both face-to-face and online, which encourage networking and the engagement of career-young statisticians, data scientists, and those interested in statistics with the RSS community.
  • Work with the RSS to help promote events, professional development and training opportunities, and current RSS initiatives (such as AIMS), to the YSS community.
  • Maintain a strong link with RSS sections and local groups, to enable the organisation and wider advertisement of joint events and webinars./li>
  • Inform the YSS community of RSS and YSS events, activities, and developments by utilising the YSS website, bulletin, social media, and mailing list.
  • Organise and deliver a diverse programme of events for the RSS annual conference designed to appeal to both the YSS, and the wider RSS, communities.
  • Maintain close associations with the RSS Journalism Awards and Significance magazine, and jointly organise the annual Statistical Excellence in Early Career Writing Competition.
  • Coordinate overview meetings (DeMOs) ahead of RSS Discussion Meetings in liaison with the RSS Discussion Meetings Committee to facilitate the engagement of young statisticians.
  • Promote statistical activity in schools via the STEM Ambassador scheme in partnership with the RSS Education Committee.
  • Promote careers in statistics and data science through the organisation of careers events such as the annual Statistical Showcase and Statistically Significant Careers.


Chair: Lucy Teece
Vice chair: Emily Granger
Secretary: Maria Dunbar
Meetings secretary: Craig Anderson (Discussion Meeting Representative)

Committee members

Elizabeth Buckingham-Jeffery
Sritika Chowdhury
Shikta Das
Katie Fisher
Ryan Jessop
Joy Leahy
Altea Lorenzo-Arribas
Marnie Lowe
Katie Harron (Council representative)

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